Wednesday, May 20, 2009

MacRitchie Reservoir

The bandstand and the wooden bridge define my visits to MacRitchie Resevoir eversince I was a kid the way the peanut-snatching monkeys of the Botanic Gardens made an imprint on my childhood.
Trees frame the reflection of other trees and bring peace to my view.
Three memorable scenes captured during our walk in the late afternoon.
This structure has a sibling in Lower Peirce Reservoir.
When I was young, they were not so tall.
I am not sure but I think this tree could be the bearer of the Cananga odorata or Ylang Ylang flowers that are used in the making of perfumes in tropical Asia.
Never seen fruits like these and yes, they belong to the tree above.
More fruits, small golden ones that I think belong to a specie of fig trees. A costume that would make a superhero proud even though it is an insect.
Spider Lily stealing the limelight from the bandstand.
Golden sun rays make pictures glow.
Like this Heliconia flower, set alight by the sun's rays.
Tembusu tree, one of many in the park, blooming like there was no tomorrow.
Surprise! A very tall mango tree dripping with round mangoes that were bright yellow in colour inside.
Stroll down the path amid lush greenery.
A couple of spider lilies warming up in the light of the setting sun.
The garden is landscaped but you don't get the feeling that it is.
I like long shadows because they make things more dramatic.
Trying to get that shot that I will make me stop.

The flowering tembusu trees are everywhere filling the air with a sweet fragrance.

Tiny pink mushrooms, so enthralling.
The boardwalk on the fringe of the reservoir...
...allows me to look into the clear water and what lies beneath it. The sunset is not spectacular but it does signify the passing of another day.


alicesg said...

Very lovely photo of M. Reservoir. Singapore is a small island but there's so many corners that we have yet to explore. Been a long time since I visited M. Reservoir.

My sister told me the last time she visited the musuem was when she was 12 years So we plan to visit next month, I bet she would be very surprised about the changes.

Mable said...

Yes, I bumped into a friend on that day and she told me that she had not been to MacRitchie Reservoir for 30 years and all the time she was living near it. Have a great outing with your sis at the museum!