Sunday, May 31, 2009

National University of Singapore (NUS) Law Faculty

These premises were formerly the University of Singapore campus. I walked its corridors, went to its library (main and red-spot), attended numerous lectures, ate at the Union House cafeteria and walked that narrow path from the Union House to the bus stop along Bukit Timah Road daily. Lower Quad where student protest rallies (happened those days) were held and Upper Quad where the 'whispering pines' (tall casuarina trees) stood guard on opposite sides of the quadrangle. The lovely trees are gone now and in their place are tall Tembusu trees. What led me there today was the quest to check out the Guild House. We came by chance to know that there is also a Western Restauarant occupying the building that used to house the Staff Canteen here:The NUSS Guild House is in the background. We decided to see what Upper and Lower Quads look like today. Heading towards what was formerly the English Department. There were lots of Tembusu trees

Entering Upper Quad, we were pleasantly surprised at the upgraded image. Back when I was a student, the buildings were old and scruffy-looking.
The beautiful arches are reminders of a time in our youth when our sole responsibility was to study and pass examinations. I am just glad that those days are gone for me because real learning takes place when one gets into the business of living life.

The Science Block that was the highest building on campus.

The Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. This was the Administrative Block.

Blue sky and white clouds always brighten up a photo.
Young Tembusu Trees.

To the left was the University Band room where a friend of mine could be found there almost all the time.
You are looking at the Main Library of our University then.

Arch facing the entrance to the Main Library. There was another huge Banyan tree like this one to the left of this arch. There were wooden benches below these trees and we students liked to use it as a meeting place.
We did not have any vending machines then because there was always the Union House to cater to our needs for food and drink.

Remember LT1, 2 3 and 4 - Lecture Theatres! Now this looks like an auditorium.

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