Friday, April 24, 2009

Singapore Botanic Gardens

When the sun is about to turn in for the night, its rays are golden and when you catch them at the right place and time, you will see how this earth is being blessed with their brilliance.

I like this time of the day because shadows are long and slim and form interesting shapes on the ground.
When the golden rays expire, everything tend to look dull and muted.
How nice if Chopin's music fills the air as one strolls through the garden.

Colours remain even though things around are lacklustre in appearance because the sun has taken away their shine.

The camera records details faithfully. One just needs a steady hand to take shots like this:
Fading, fading, the light was going
the flowers mourned the day's passing
the people began to leave for home
when the sun no longer shone.

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