Thursday, April 30, 2009

Saturday walk

Along Bencoolen Street, this building that looks like a uniformly layered cake caught my eye.
You don't see buildings like this anymore especially on prime land.
Across the road, I came across this old-style building that is now a dance studio or a dance school.
Further on is a mosque. The walk was getting more interesting!
And sure enough, I was delighted to see this old apartment sandwiched between two modern buildings. It was a nostalgic encounter because a secondary one classmate lived there and one afternoon several of us were invited to her house. It was my first visit to a friend's house in the city.
Walking towards the Singapore Management University, I got the chance to photograph a church that I had, till then, seen only parts of from the window of my car.
Turning into the Singapore Management University, a view of the Singapore Arts Museum that I had never seen before.
It was a scorching day with the temperature at around 35 degrees celcius. I was glad to walk into the beautiful green and shady environment of the Singapore Management University.
The tree with leaves of three different colours drew me towards it like a magnet.
You can almost hear the leaves tinkle like windchimes.
Ah, the National Museum at last!
I got distracted by the purplish grass and this part of the National Museum became the backdrop.
I had wanted to see the Christian Lacroix Exhibition. It was 4 pm. The entrance fee was $8 with no discount whatsoever and I gave it a pass. Instead, I had a relaxing time looking at the sky and enjoying the spaciousness of the public areas of the museum.

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