Saturday, August 16, 2008

Clark Quay

Clark Quay comes alive only at night. In the day time, waiters, waitresses and chefs are busy preparing for the evening party and dinner crowds. What is lacking in excitement and lights is made up for in the day by the bright and cheerful colours of the buildings that were once-upon-a-time warehouses. Bumboats carrying loads of goods used to clutter the river in going about their business of transporting goods from the ships anchored out at sea. The river has been cleaned up for many years and instead of the bumboats there are now clean and evironmentally-friendly boats catering to the tourist market.

The Clark Quay MRT station is conveniently located at Central, a building that has many food outlets and a Kopitiam at level 3 or 4 where you get a panaromic view of Clark Quay through the floor to ceiling glass windows. There are also small shops selling clothes, shoes and accessories that you can get at good prices. At one shop, the sales lady asked if I was a tourist because she saw me carrying a camera. It's fun to be a tourist in your own country sometimes.

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