Sunday, April 20, 2008

Robertson Quay

The outing started with the intention to visit the Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI) at Robertson Quay by the Singapore River. This is a quieter part of the Singapore River where old wharehouses have been conserved and converted to restaurants, pubs and art places such as the STPI where visiting artists reside for a short period of time to produce paper-based works of art and where they exhibit and sell their works. Before entering the STPI, I walked around the area and enjoyed the lovely surroundings:
Looking at the Clark Quay end of the Singapore River.

Alkaff bridge that is a funtional piece of art.

The Singapore Tyler Print Institute

Just could not take my eyes off this bridge.

Expensive accomodation.

Would be really great to own a piece of property such as this one here.

This building houses the Singapore Repertoiry Theatre.
Tiles and iron-wrought patterns.

Walking is not boring at all.
Reminds me of ancient Roman ruins.

Chairs always fascinate me.Makes me reminisce about Madrid.

Where the night-life is.

High-class palms.
Walk in if you dare.
Oh, the bridge got my attention again.

Clark Quay.
Walking away from Robertson Quay.
The Chicago University.
Walking towards Plaza Singapura.
Stopped to consider lunching here. Gave it a pass.
In front of the Istana, this palm waved.
After lunch, the National Museum beckoned.
Oh David, why are you draped thus?
On the shoulder of greatness (replica)
The 'Bedazzled' exhibition on Chinese Opera costumes but I only liked the headgears.

So refreshingly youthful!

Two windows preserved for posterity.
An exhibition of evening gowns with 1930s designs. A few that I like.

No time to interact with this wall as it was time to leave.


studioZEST said...

It's fascinating to recall my day with you in different perspectives and in such a creative way. Memories so colourful and vivid, etched in my mind always.
Thanks for the wonderful memories, Mable.

Mable said...

The feeling is mutual, friend!