Sunday, April 13, 2008

Jurong Lake

Sunday morning in the park, a walk by the water's edge, a slow walk in the shade of tall trees. Look for the entrance to the Japanese Garden where there is a small carpark. The walks are on either side of the entrance. Here's what we saw along the trek that we chose this morning:This trek has more greenery and no playground of any sort. Just lovely tall trees and a breeze blowing through.
One of a pair of bitterns (I think). The other one flew away.
A bunch of horse-chestnut flowers.
Causurina trees like those along East Coast Park.Trees bending elegantly over the lake.
Trumpet tree flower.
Buildings in the distance.
Lush greenery in our path.
A fungi find.
Heliconia sunshine.
Chinese Garden yonder.
Monitor lizard. A huge bird hovering above the trees, probably a heron.
A great picnic place.
MacArthur Palms harbouring birds that sound like the Black Nape Oriole.
Flaming ginger.
Not a common scene in Singapore.
Beautiful Rain Tree.
More fungi.
May these trees live for years to come.
Singapore Rhododendren.
Say hello to the crepe ginger flower before carrying on.
A jetty for fishing enthusiasts.
Coconut tree. Pong Pong tree.Could be a scene outside Singapore.Night lighting, if you decide to take a walk after sunset. The limitations of the Canon IXUS did not allow me to get a good shot of this couple of kingfishers.
Heliconia flower.
Life on a rock.
Benches several years old.
Trees that never grow old.
If only classes were conducted here sometimes.
Interesting sleeve.
Going back.

I do not know the name of this flower. The challenge was to get the sharpest photo possible with the Canon IXUS.
Looking at the start of the other trek.
Lovely fir trees.
Its the colours that I like and the patterns and the light. It was a great Sunday morning.

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