Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Railway Station

The Malayan Railway Station is a building that holds many childhood memories of relatives arriving to spend holidays with us. They would bring with them food stuff like belachan (a kind of prawn paste), biscuits, nutmeg oil from Penang and clothing such as those that my aunt had sewn for me. The building has been here for more than 50 years and does look rather run down.The walls are marked with dirt and it is a pity because I am sure it will look great if it were cleaned up. The entrance does not look so bad and I really like the arched windows and the design above the main arch.Inside the hall of the station, high above people who hardly give them any attention, are these beautiful murals depicting typical scenes of Malaysian life.

Mural showing men working in a coconut plantation.
Rubber tappers collecting latex that flowed from a cut in the bark to a small cup below.
This place has to be Malacca. In my childhood, we often drove to Malacca to visit relatives during school vacation. The roads were narrow and there were no highways. The journey was about 5 hours and if we saw bullock carts, it meant that we were about to arrive in Malacca.

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