Wednesday, November 22, 2006

In the vicinity of Keppel Road

We have lost our way to meet up with some friends and made a wrong turn from the main road and found ourselves along Neil Road where I saw this colonial style building as we stopped the car to make a call to our friend. This building looked like it had been given a facelift recently and appeared to be unoccupied with the windows and doors boarded up in place of fittings that are more in character with the rest of the facade. In trying to regain the correct bearings, had to take a long route and just as the car was slowing down at a bend, I managed to take this shot of a Catholic Church that was painted completely in white from the domes to the walls. I have always wanted to photograph this building next to the Malayan Railway Station along Keppel Road. I finally got the chance to do so.I wonder what this building is and whether it belongs to the Malayan Railway.

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