Sunday, September 28, 2014

Geylang Road

 Geylang Road is one place in Singapore that I would not go unless someone asks me to. It is an area that is infamous for its red-light district and looks nothing like the rest of Singapore where buildings are neat and orderly and conform to similar patterns throughout the island. Geylang is a hotchpotch and mish-mash of buildings, people and things. One thing though, it has many small temples here and there and as my friend and I wandered amongst the rows of shophouses, residential houses and apartments and small condominium developments, some old, some brand-new and some yet to be built, I just had this feeling that I had travelled back in time to Singapore in the 50s and 60s. We also stumbled upon two private museums that unfortunately were not open on that day. We walked in the searing heat of the afternoon and stopped at a coffeeshop for fruit-juice which we regretted because it was made without common-sense and appreciation of hygiene. At the end of our exploration of the area, we found the coffee-shop that was once famous for its 'tzi char' dishes. It was not as crowded and popular as it once was because the prices for the dishes were rather exhorbitant. So at the end of the meal, they have lost two more customers for we are never going back again.

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