Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

I have not been to the Jurong Bird Park since my kids became teenagers - that long ago. Since then, the Bird Park has upgraded and now it is a great day to spend with friends and especially friends from overseas. 
There were very entertaining bird shows at different locations throughout the day and a monorail for those who do not want to walk much but the price is not included in the ticket. The trees have grown really tall and the 30 meter man-made waterfall is now surrounded by towering trees providing ample shade from the sun. Even if it is a got day, you can minimise discomfort by hopping into enclosures housing the penquins and owls and other buildings that provide educational content on all aspects of bird life when the heat gets unbearable. For me, the bountiful shrubs and trees were good enough and I was lucky that there was a light breeze during my visit. The Jurong Bird Park rocks!

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alicesg said...

Wow so much changes, have not been there for a long time too.