Sunday, March 6, 2011

Singapore Flyer Food Centre

A drive to the Singapore flyer to have dinner at the food centre that was opened recently.

Passing by Central where youngsters  hang out.
OCBC building and newer ones coming up.

A hip place to go to.
Our unique electronic gantry that deducts a fee for entering the city during peak hours and even on Saturday afternoon.
The MITA building. (Ministry of Information and the Arts)

This was formerly the Hill Street Police Station sans the colours on the facade.

Parliament House coming up.
Driving towards the Padang.
Singapore's tallest hotel or is it no more?
St Andrews Cathedral.
A War Memorial.
There is something about croc shoes that I dislike and it is not just the colours.

The Singapore Flyer with part of it behind the Ritz Carlton.
the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Sitting in the open below the flyer waiting for dinner to arrive.

It was not yet 6pm but the food centre was crowded with several queues forming at the popular stalls.
I had greenery for company while I waited.
Some thirsty people sat here.
My friend said she would not drink out of these mugs that we traditionally used when we brushed our teeth as kids.

The oyster omelette was value for money and was delicious.

The ice-ball kachang was not bad.
The Bedok Beef kway teow was great.

We took a walk next to the Flyer by the sea to shatter the calories consumed.

Walking back towards the Helix Bridge.

There was a Wedding Dinner on the floating platform, a great money-making idea.
The Arts and Science Centre looking unimpressive despite its size.

Our Esplanade (The Durian) has more character and charisma.

End of Sunday Outing.

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