Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Katong, Joo Jiat area

I killed an hour of time with my camera choosing to take these pictures using the sepia mode instead of the normal colour mode because I had wanted to concentrate on the lines, tones and shadows in what I see before me. These buildings and their facades looked rather bland in the day. However in sepia, shapes especially of the windows, were enhanced and took on a fluidity that was not obvious before.
I used to look at potted plants with no interest in the common clay pots that held them. Now that the plants are devoid of colours, the pots got my attention.
These people against the backdrop of this row of houses made me feel like I had gone back in time to the fifties.
The bike may be present day but the helmet was an era back.
This Indian man stood in this pose for quite a few minutes. I was curious about the upturned collar. Recently, I've seen this treatment of T-shirt collars by a man who drove a Lexus and another who drove a BMW. I wonder who their role model was.

Chairs have always fascinated me because they are such a comfort when one is tired.
The man just retrieved something from his car boot.
He looked like he was waiting for someone and went off when no one came. Probably lived around the area.
I envy such lovely flowing hair.
A renovation job in progress - this man was ready to call it a day.

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