Monday, September 14, 2009

Dairy Farm Nature Park

Fresh air and sunshine and a love for nature - that's how many Singaporeans enjoy their weekends. Today I saw a few 3-generation families taking strolls along the Wallace trail in the Dairy Farm Nature Park. This trail is well-kept and pleasant. It gives us a glimpse of the secondary forest where people once built their homes and lived there for many years. These houses have been torn down and the people have moved out of the forest. The trees are indication of the age of the forest and it was good to walk in the shade of such tall and aged trees. At the entrance to the park these flowers greeted us:

Once we stepped in, we saw many people like us who just wanted to breathe air that is fresher and to treat our eyes to some greenery.
A heliconia flower cradling a fallen leaf.Walking into the park. Wallace trail is a short distance to the left.
Look up sometimes at the sky to get a different view of nature.
Inside Wallace Trail - interesting roots.
Fruits of the fig tree.
Could this be the fruit of the Belimbing tree?
New beginnings for these leaves.
There were many fallen red flowers on the path - flowers of the African Tulip. A mother told her daughter it was an African "turnip" - Oops!
Giant leaves that you could use as fans perhaps.
Winged seeds that missed the earth. Yellow is the colour of the sun.
Mama spider going out for lunch.
Hanging your hearts for all to see.
African tulip at rest. Fern unfurling in slow motion.
A family of snails, together till the end.
A Bat Lily flower, the only one we saw.

A much photographed flower. I do not know its name.
Out of the Wallace trail, heading back to the car park.

Love those hats that can also double up as fans.
Can I go out mum?Moo, Nooooo!

Somewhere at the beginning of the Wallace Trail, we saw this snake that was more than a metre long. So, Why did the snake cross the road?Because there was a chicken on the other side.


alicesg said...

Seems like a very long and interesting walk but the snake is scary. I think I will freak out.

studioZEST said...

Marvellous pixa.
Inspired by your discipline in blogging, I have 'returned' to blogging, this time blogging memories of my loved ones the minute I recalled my password. Also, don't want to waste your training lah!

Mable said...

Alice, just keep still and not panic when you see a snake. Yes, I was rooted to the ground when I first spotted it.

Lindy, thanks for coming by. We should catch up again soon.Cheers!