Friday, June 26, 2009

Katong - East Coast Road

Katong is where the good food is and that was what brought us there in search of 'unhealthy' but yummy Hokkien noodles that rule as the best in Singapore.
This is not the place.
Separated by a small road, an indentical building houses the Integrated Cafe where you will find this super delicious Hokkien noodles with lots of fresh and tasty prawns if you order a plate at $10. Smaller plates are also available if you want a plate for yourself only.
A Peranakan Hotel in the vicinity has these beautiful motifs behind glass panels.
Magarita's - I believe this is the same as the Mexican Restaurant in the West Coast area.
I just like the colour combination of the girl's outfit against the old buildings.
Driving along East Coast Road and snapping photos happily.


alicesg said...

Very nice photos of katong shophouses. Did you try the katong laksa? I dont really like it, they tasted so lemak, prefer the red spicy type.

Mable said...

Thanks Alice. Yes, Katong Laksa is nice. There are two rival stalls.
We had more fun looking at all the celebrity photos on the wall - a mixture of movie stars, mediacorp actors and actresses and politicians.