Friday, October 19, 2007

Clark Quay

Friday evening, Clark Quay is really happening. I haven't been there for more than a year. Liang court is undergoing cosmetic surgery and so parking space was plentiful. Discovered Central with restaurants on every floor. If you like Japanese, you will have many choices. Just be prepared to join queues to wait for a table to be available.

After dinner ice-cream. The expensive one on the ground floor of Central and the cheap-and-good local version on the bridge nearer to Riverside Point.
Great to see that business is thriving in Clark Quay. Buy an ice-cream and walk along the river to enjoy these views:

Reverse Bungee jumping in the distance. The 4 'towers' waiting to spring into action - just need some brave tourists to try.

These are interactive fountains. Just walk in and dance.

A restaurant called the Clinic put me off except for these operation theatre lights. Diners sit on wheelchairs and hospital beds for dinner. Count me out.
This giant nose with multiple nostrils keep Clark Quay cool.
Imprisoned chairs.
Clark Quay make-over. That was a different way for us to spend an evening out.

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